What is good design?

The first question we ask while trying to review an app for the site is whether this app is well designed. What separates good design from bad design?

Some notable designers have tried to distill their knowledge of design into a few principles. These principles helped them in their own work while also giving a framework to think about design problems. We believe these principles are as applicable to app design as they were in their original context.

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Rebooting Android-app-patterns

Android-app-patterns.com came into being while I was seeking inspiration to design my first Android app a couple of years ago. Android design fundamentals were still evolving and unlike the iOS ecosystem there was no place to get a good overview of the state of design in Android apps.

Since then things have changed a lot. Google’s new found focus on design – partially inspired from Android – has led to some amazing apps coming on to the platform. Android has developed it’s own unique style among operating systems and even influenced them a lot.

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